The new joint Master of Advanced Studies(MAS) in Urban and Territorial Design at the ETH Zürich and EPFL aims to build an innovative urban and territorial design education addressing social and environmental challenges both within the city-​territory and across wider landscapes.

The MAS serves as a laboratory and a forum where we propose agendas, design strategies and governance models for concrete territories. Both Swiss and international case studies will be investigated with intensive, ethnographic explorations and in situ workshops. The studies will engage in dialogue with supporting communities, local actors, NGOs and governance bodies.

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The MAS UTD programme focuses on the core research and design STUDIOS, with a range of curated transdisciplinary COURSES and urban theory SESSIONS underpinning the studio work, and the publication of results. The programme extends beyond the traditional scope of urban design teaching, to include novel developments in urban theory and history (such as planetary urbanisation, anthropocene and postcolonial thought), in landscape architecture, urban and landscape ecology (such as agroecology and regenerative landscape practices), and in civil and environmental engineering (such as sustainable construction, low-carbon mobility, and urban hydrology).

Shown below is the Spring Semester 2024 programme at the ETHZ