Spring 2023

AtlasForestryDiler Ciftci, Ioannis Davaris, and Lauro Nächt

Forest coverage is decreasing globally at a dramatic rate. The forests are facing many different types of threats. Threats like the demand for timber in the past centuries and especially the pressure from climate warming, droughts, floods, and fluctuating temperatures (Agris, 2012).
In Switzerland, the forest coverage shows a small increase in comparison with the agricultural lands. This increase is not visible on the Central Plateau, where many forests have been converted into residential areas. Simultaneously, in the last decades, the threat of climate change seems demanding and threatening. In the next 60 years, the temperature will increase by almost 5 degrees (Swiss federal authorities, 2018). A deviation that will change the existing climate. The future seems uncertain. What should the forests of the future look like to deal with climate change? What will be the consequences on the existing dominant trees? The answers still seem doubtful.